Brick Truths; Pilot Episode

Hello, readers! Today I wanted to introduce you to an idea I have for our blog. It's a series called Brick Truths, a mock- tv show blog series.


Catapults from Bricks; Part 1

(Written by E.Mc) I have been going through the WordPress course, and they gave a word to blog about. The word; Catapult. This word inspired me. So, we will be writing a series on how to make catapults to launch your Minifigs, floors, and walls. Today, we are going to look into the basic Lego® catapult, why to build a … Continue reading Catapults from Bricks; Part 1

Scribbling with Bricks; A Color Guide

(Written by E.Mc) One of the reasons of this site is to help you become better builder. So, I shall give you the most important key to building; color. I'm not saying using multi-color. I mean synchronized color. You may be thinking that you don't need to make models in certain colors,or that is just too … Continue reading Scribbling with Bricks; A Color Guide