Yuppies and Strongmen and Reviews, Oh My!

We haven't posted a review on a while, and I think it is high time we did. In fact, this is a 2- in- 1 CMF (Collectable Minifigure) review. CMFs are blind baggies with Minifigures inside. The best part? Trying to figure out what's inside! Not only will we review, we'll tell you what to … Continue reading Yuppies and Strongmen and Reviews, Oh My!


Dimensions Review; Gimli Fun Pack

(Written by E.Mc) Recently, I have been given Gimli Fun Pack from Dimensions. Dimensions is a video game where there are no rules. You can put Zane in a telephone box or a witch on a spider. An evil overlord brings all the dimensions together, and you travel through worlds fighting villains. We don't have the game ourselves, … Continue reading Dimensions Review; Gimli Fun Pack