KTTB vs. KTTB Entries!!!!!!!!!!!

We posted early about a contest that you guys made for us and here are the entries! Remember to use the grading rubrics in the other post! Please put your vote in the comments.



Today we will be starting a new contest. Your probably thinking automatically "What do I win?" Well today you don't win anything! Today you're picking a contest for us. This is how it works, in the comments put in an idea or two of one that we, the KTTB, can do between ourselves! There is … Continue reading KTTB VS. KTTB

The Fidget- Spinner Impression

(Written by E.Mc) So, in case you missed it, the new thing is fidget spinners. Worldwide. Viral. The new craze. In the U.S.A., Tyler Clites (Legohaulic; creator of the Ideas Stitch) has made some of these in Lego® form. You can see them on YouTube. Well, it's in Denmark, too. So The Lego Group, being the … Continue reading The Fidget- Spinner Impression