Today we will be starting a new contest. Your probably thinking automatically "What do I win?" Well today you don't win anything! Today you're picking a contest for us. This is how it works, in the comments put in an idea or two of one that we, the KTTB, can do between ourselves! There is … Continue reading KTTB VS. KTTB

The Fidget- Spinner Impression

(Written by E.Mc) So, in case you missed it, the new thing is fidget spinners. Worldwide. Viral. The new craze. In the U.S.A., Tyler Clites (Legohaulic; creator of the Ideas Stitch) has made some of these in Lego® form. You can see them on YouTube. Well, it's in Denmark, too. So The Lego Group, being the … Continue reading The Fidget- Spinner Impression