Update Your Flametrooper Flamethrower!

Hello, Readers! In my last post, I wrote about my top 3 Minifigures. One of my favorite figures was the Flametrooper (Star Wars), but I wasn't incredibly happy with the gun. So, I made the decision to rebuild the flamethrower with a couple of updates. I immediately knew I wanted to use a 48 MM … Continue reading Update Your Flametrooper Flamethrower!


May the 4th Be With You Friday Showcase/Tips!!!

“It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together. It's clutch power." Okaaaay, so maybe Obi- Wan wasn't talking about building. But hey, it works, so- why not? Hello KTTB readers! Today marks National Star Wars Day. As you can probably tell from my love … Continue reading May the 4th Be With You Friday Showcase/Tips!!!

The Fidget- Spinner Impression

(Written by E.Mc) So, in case you missed it, the new thing is fidget spinners. Worldwide. Viral. The new craze. In the U.S.A., Tyler Clites (Legohaulic; creator of the Ideas Stitch) has made some of these in Lego® form. You can see them on YouTube. Well, it's in Denmark, too. So The Lego Group, being the … Continue reading The Fidget- Spinner Impression

Techniques in MOCs; Shop and Court House

An idea I have been thinking about is techniques in MOCs. I came up with this idea when browsing the web. William at The Brick Blogger writes posts on tips on using it techniques in official Lego® sets. So, first off, I present you... ...The Lego® Shop and Courthouse! Okay, enough of that; let's look … Continue reading Techniques in MOCs; Shop and Court House

1932 Wooden Pull Duck

(Written by E.Mc) Recently, I have uploaded a new Ideas project. I have created a 1932 Wooden Pull- Duck, based off the original one created by the Lego Company. Here is the description; "In the year 1932, the Great Depression came. Ole Kirk Christansen, a carpenter, needed to try something new. So, he started to create toys. … Continue reading 1932 Wooden Pull Duck