Update Your Flametrooper Flamethrower!

Hello, Readers! In my last post, I wrote about my top 3 Minifigures. One of my favorite figures was the Flametrooper (Star Wars), but I wasn't incredibly happy with the gun. So, I made the decision to rebuild the flamethrower with a couple of updates. I immediately knew I wanted to use a 48 MM … Continue reading Update Your Flametrooper Flamethrower!


My Top 3 Minifigures!

Hey readers! I've been wanting to post this for a bit now, but this week has been crazy (when isn't it?). Today, I'm going to talk about my top three Minifigures. As you can probably tell by the image above, they are all IP characters. My choices were Homecoming Spider-man (Marvel), FO Flametrooper and FO … Continue reading My Top 3 Minifigures!

3 Tips Building Minifigs from Sources

Hello readers! Our last post talked about building from sources, so I decided to do the same realm, just with Minifigures. So, I've built me, Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars), and Lara Croft (The new Tomb Raider: you should watch it) to give you some tips on building Minifigures from sources. Without further ado, let's get … Continue reading 3 Tips Building Minifigs from Sources

Cinnamon Chocolate Minifigures; A Recipe!

If you have been in the Lego® hobby for a while, you probably know it is time killing. One minute, it is 8:00 p.m.. The next, it is 10:30! By then, you are most likely hungry. When I am in a deep build, I think about it even when I am doing something else. So, … Continue reading Cinnamon Chocolate Minifigures; A Recipe!