Lego® Constraction Alternate Heads

One of my favorite things to build is CCC (Creature and Character Contraction). Currently, it has been used in this form in Bionicle, HERO FACTORY, and Star Wars™. However, the most frustrating part is the limited helmets and heads. While there are plenty, often you want your character/ creature to have the head you want. Recently, … Continue reading Lego® Constraction Alternate Heads


Update Your Flametrooper Flamethrower!

Hello, Readers! In my last post, I wrote about my top 3 Minifigures. One of my favorite figures was the Flametrooper (Star Wars), but I wasn't incredibly happy with the gun. So, I made the decision to rebuild the flamethrower with a couple of updates. I immediately knew I wanted to use a 48 MM … Continue reading Update Your Flametrooper Flamethrower!