Voting phase open on Moments in Space!

Hello readers! If you remember our last post, we told you about a contest on Lego® Ideas where you build a space themed Gift with Purchase. Guess what? Voting phase is open!   If you entered the contest, we would love if you put your entry link in the comment. That way, out KTTB community … Continue reading Voting phase open on Moments in Space!

1932 Wooden Pull Duck

(Written by E.Mc) Recently, I have uploaded a new Ideas project. I have created a 1932 Wooden Pull- Duck, based off the original one created by the Lego Company. Here is the description; "In the year 1932, the Great Depression came. Ole Kirk Christansen, a carpenter, needed to try something new. So, he started to create toys. … Continue reading 1932 Wooden Pull Duck