KTTB vs. KTTB Entries!!!!!!!!!!!

We posted early about a contest that you guys made for us and here are the entries! Remember to use the grading rubrics in the other post! Please put your vote in the comments.


(Written by K Mc.) Today we have a challenge. We want to hear your tips on building a nest. We are doing this because we never listen to you! No, not really. We just want to see you in the spotlight on the blog. In the comments, put in one tip for how to make … Continue reading NEST SKILLS

Techniques in MOCs; Shop and Court House

An idea I have been thinking about is techniques in MOCs. I came up with this idea when browsing the web. William at The Brick Blogger writes posts on tips on using it techniques in official Lego® sets. So, first off, I present you... ...The Lego® Shop and Courthouse! Okay, enough of that; let's look … Continue reading Techniques in MOCs; Shop and Court House