KTTB ending with New beginnings…

Hello Readers! Today I am announcing that Key To The Brick will no longer be running. However, we are not giving up on blogging. I will still blog Lego stuff, along with other hobbies I have, on a NEW WEBSITE. We are NOT shutting down this blog, but we will cease to update it currently. … Continue reading KTTB ending with New beginnings…


KTTB has a New Look!

Hello readers! Today we have a quick update to share with you. We've decide to change our look! Now, when you go to our URL, you'll see this; That's it for today! What do you think of the new look? Comment below! May the Clutch be with you!

What do YOU want to learn today? And some BIG news.

As you know, our blog is made to teach builders new and old. However, a good amount of posts don't help much. So, in order to write some helpful posts, we want to know what you want to learn. Will it be walls? Stability? Or maybe micro? Tell us in the comments below! Also, a … Continue reading What do YOU want to learn today? And some BIG news.

The Fidget- Spinner Impression

(Written by E.Mc) So, in case you missed it, the new thing is fidget spinners. Worldwide. Viral. The new craze. In the U.S.A., Tyler Clites (Legohaulic; creator of the Ideas Stitch) has made some of these in Lego® form. You can see them on YouTube. Well, it's in Denmark, too. So The Lego Group, being the … Continue reading The Fidget- Spinner Impression