Lego® Constraction Alternate Heads

One of my favorite things to build is CCC (Creature and Character Contraction). Currently, it has been used in this form in Bionicle, HERO FACTORY, and Star Wars™. However, the most frustrating part is the limited helmets and heads. While there are plenty, often you want your character/ creature to have the head you want. Recently, I started experimenting with making a head. Here’s what I came up with!


And here is one on a body…

Hero Hunter- Bane of Powers

Below I’ve posted instructions for the skeleton. Feel free to customize it to fit your needs. Anything marked “Seen” means the pieces you put on will be seen. Anything marked “Unseen” means the added pieces will not be seen, and can be any color. Enjoy!


Tomorrow, I’ll hopefully give you some customization tips!

UPDATE: Funny story. I’ve been trying to figure out why search engines never called contraction CCC. I thought I saw it years ago. Well, I finally figured out it’s actually CCBS (Character and Creature Building System). I guess I look like a noob.


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