Update Your Flametrooper Flamethrower!


Hello, Readers! In my last post, I wrote about my top 3 Minifigures. One of my favorite figures was the Flametrooper (Star Wars), but I wasn’t incredibly happy with the gun. So, I made the decision to rebuild the flamethrower with a couple of updates.

I immediately knew I wanted to use a 48 MM tube element. It took me some time to find it, but I finally did. First, I substituted the original right pack- bar for the tube, then put the four white cylinders where they usually go.

Next, I connected a ” small wrench” element as I call it to another clip with axle hole.  I put this combination behind a rifle with the wrench being the connector.

I then inserted a stud with hole in white, a std with hole in black, and a white cylinder into the front. This added the white line that is in the original, plus lengthened the flamethrower. I stuck some fire effects into the white cylinder.

Finally, after A LOT of bending, I connected the tube to the bottom of the new handle. The Flamethrower was complete. The one thing I would change is the tube into a small string with studs on each end. I don’t have it, but you can probably modify my design with it included.

Below I’ve posted the instructions. 2 things to note: 1. the tube easily pops off, so this flamethrower is meant for display and 2. the tube makes this a frustrating build, so this is better for people who have patience and/ or are not new bending tubes. Enjoy!

If you don’t have the short tube, you can cut a long one into around 6 studs long, or 48 MM. If it is a little over, it’s okay. I recommend configuring the tube as close to as I did as possible, unless you know how to do it better. If so, comment below!

Here are some more pics:


What do you think? Any suggestions? Comment below!

Also… POST NUMBER 50!!!


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