3 Tips Building Minifigs from Sources


Hello readers! Our last post talked about building from sources, so I decided to do the same realm, just with Minifigures. So, I’ve built me, Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars), and Lara Croft (The new Tomb Raider: you should watch it) to give you some tips on building Minifigures from sources.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Pick the best parts.

One of the hardest parts on making Minifigures like these are that they usually have special clothing or designs that make them recognizable. However, while there are many options for shirts and hair, sometimes they aren’t quite right (like finding the right outfit for Elvis Presley). The solution is to find the best fitting piece you have, or, if it’s in the budget, buying the best fitting piece possible. Finding the right head or torso for Lara Croft was hard, so we just used the best ones we could find in our collection. The likely hood of having the right torso for a character that doesn’t exist in Minifigure form is very small. So, just find what looks best. Another  option that I have not tried is printing your own designs onto parts (if you know how to do this, please comment below).

2. Choose someone recognizable.

Unless it’s a personal friend, family member, or even yourself, it can be best to build a figure that is recognizable. I did mention this in the other post as well, so you can probably see my standing. However, I want to make it clear that this should be used for sharing, contests, or Lego® Ideas. If your building it for yourself, build whatever!

3. Look at the source material

One of the biggest problems I run into is making sure I’m staying close to the original. In order to do so, I recommend looking at pictures of the person in question. One tip, though- make sure what you’re building comes from an appropriate source, or have an adult find a picture. That will help lessen the risk of SCARRING YOU FOR LIFE.

(Did I scare you? Good, the wisdom will be SCARRED IN YOUR BRAIN 🙂  )

4.  Build a base, if needed.

If your just building the Minifigure by itself, you’ll need something for it to stand on. Bases should stay in the 4×4 range. There are also many kinds of bases you could build. I recommending the best fit for the job.

  1. A 2×4 plate (Me)
  2. A Collectible Minifigure base (Lara)
  3. A small vignette (Anakin is on Mustafar.)

Well, those are my tips on building minifigures from sources! I hope my lists helps some. If you have any questions or personal tips, comment below!

2 thoughts on “3 Tips Building Minifigs from Sources

  1. Pretty cool post! I usually don’t really think so much when building minifigures and my minifigures don’t need a stand.


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