My TOP 5 Favorite Lego® Builders (and what to learn from them)

I’ve got good news- SCHOOL IS OUT FOR SUMMER (at least for me- sorry if you’re not. But hang in there- just a few more days)!!! However, I’m about to use sacrilege. Math- in- summer. I know, disgusting*.

Summer + Lego® Blog= MORE POSTS (Hopefully.)

So today, I decided to talk about some of my favorite builders, and what we can learn from them! I don’t have pictures, but I will link you to their models. So, without further ado, let’s get started! PRENOTE-  Please ask for parental permission to veiw the sites and models, as we have no contro over what is built or said on them, thought I have not seen any inapropriate builds so far.

5. JANGBRiCKS- Youtube

I absolutely adore JANG CITY! I love how the buildings vary in shape, size, and color. However, I think something we can learn (besides- you know- everything else there is too it) is that minifigures really bring things to life. They allow you to fill up space, plus give your builds some life to it.

4. Geneva D- Flickr

What I really like about Geneva D.’s models is that she covers a broad scope. She builds vignettes, micro, large scenes, and even buildings! She also adds a (large) touch of beauty into the models, with vibrant colors and lovely vegetation. One thing that I think is important to the success of the builds is the contrast and/or pairing of colors in the builds. This is something that I think is very important to include in MOCs, as it gives it a good WOW factor.

She also shares tips and MOCs on her blog.

3. JK Brickworks- Blog

Coming in No.3 is JK Brickworks! I am a huge fan of his kinetic for 2 reasons. 1., they are very pleasant to watch them move. 2., they are pretty stinkin’ GENIUS! What I believe is goo to obtain from his models is that movement can bring your MOCs antoher dimension. For example, if your building a windmill, try to put some more time into it and use gears, axles, and pushins to get it to be cranked and spun!

Note: I recently tried my hand at a kinetic sculpture, and I’ll hopefully post it soon.

2. Chubbybots- Youtube

I actually recently discovered Chubbybots when building mechs for a recent Rebrick contest. I was instantly astonished at his builds! He uses angles and tiles very well, and his Mecha are perfection! I learned, howeer, that there is no problem using joints in Mechs. I’ve seen so many people build mecha out of hinges and such, that I thought that was the best way. However, I realized that they were unstable, too. In order to build my mech (shown below), I often looked at his models. It was then that I noticed that he puts a lot of care into covering up the joints, and it helped a LOT (although that was more helpful for a different, smaller mech I made).

axl 1.jpg

1. Tyler Clites- Flickr

Okay, I’m just going to come right out and say it- his models are AMAZING! They have to be, too, to not only get an Ideas project to 10,000 supports, but to get your models put into the Lego® House Master Builds Room! I like how he adds humor, uses plenty of building techniques, and takes advantage of the smoothness of tiles. However, what really makes his characters pop is his use of emotion. I believe that there is something to learn from this. You can build an awesome character, but without emotion, he doesn’t stand out. Use big eyes, goofy smiles, and what ever else works! I also recommend eyebrows- that’s one of the best things I learned.


Well there you have it, folks! My top 5 favorite builders! Do you agree with my list, or do you have any other favorites? Comment Below!

May the clutch be with you!


*I actually like Math


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