Brick Truths: Episode 1- I am not Creative

Welcome to the belated Episode 1 of Brick Truths! I wanted to post sooner, however, I have not been able to get writing. We’re still figuring out what date we’re going to publish these, but, suffice to say, we’ll tell you when we know.

Today, we are talking about one of the most common things I’ve heard by non- Lego® fan adults. It’s “I can’t build because I am not creative.” Hippy. Dippy. Bologna. While it is true that not everyone is creative, it doesn’t mean you can’t build with Lego® bricks. Let me explain.

The Lego® toy is awesome because you can build whatever you want. That’s what I believe is the offsetting part. If you have one of those very few toys that allow you to make whatever, why not use it to build something you can’t with other toys? However, if you’re not creative, you likely won’t be able to think of something way out of the box. So, if you can build something out of Lego® pieces that you can build out of other toys, what’s the point? Behold the cons of choice at work.

Now, there is still a point. You probably are creative, you just don’t know it. Even if you aren’t, who said what you build has to be creative? You can build something normal! Let’s use this analogy. You are a home renovator. You’re inside the living room, and you want to open it up to the dining room. However, the boundaries need to be broken. So, you take out a wall, and you’ve broken the boundaries. Does this mean you can’t be in the boundaries? Technically, no, but you can be inside where the boundaries were. You just don’t have the boundary to separate the two rooms anymore.

The normal is the living room, and the creative is the dining room. The Lego® brick breaks down that boundary, allowing creativity. However, just because you’re allowed to be creative doesn’t mean you have to be. You can still be in the normal room, there just isn’t anything preventing you from being creative. You can still build a house, car, or train! Just because there is no limit does not mean you can’t stay in its former zone. Do you see why you can build with Lego® pieces and not have to be creative?

Well, that what we have for today! Stay tuned for Episode 2! While you wait, though, you can discuss what you thought below! Thanks for reading!

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