Where we’ve been… SPACE!!!

Good news; we’re not dead.

Bad news; it’s not pineapple season- yet.

Now that I’m done being my normally dramatic self, we just wanted to let you know 2 things.

  1. That we aren’t dead and
  2. That Lego® Ideas is holding a new sweet contest and
  3. That pineapple season starts in March.

Okay, so three things- you can see I’m obsessed with pineapples. And goats. Goats are a necessity in life.

But I digress.

If you’re still reading, you must want to know about the contest, or you just love my digressions. 🙂

Lego® Ideas is asking it’s fans- that’s us/you/goats- to create our own Gift with Purchase (GWP) product with a space theme. Your model’s base must be no longer than 16×16 studs, and around 300 pieces. While the breadth of the theme is great, the prizes are better! They are offering the grand prize winner a $150 shopping spree, a bundle of previous GWP, and- drumroll, please-

The chance for your entry to become the next GWP.

Mind. Blown. KAPPOOOOOOOCHAAA. The contest is like Lego® Ideas. Better dump out those bricks and start building! Here are some ideas:

  • A rocket.
  • Classic neo spaceship- maybe micro.
  • A goat on a pineapple rocket. When voting phase comes, I”M GOING TO VOTE FOR YOU!!!

Those are just some of the brilliant ideas that may come up. However, there is a detail I should note; the only people that are judged are the top 25 projects that are voted on after entering is closed. Now, in order to help the KTTB community, when this happens, we are going to publish a new post. In the comments, you’ll be able to put in your entry link, and if you can, we’ll try to vote for you! However, we may have only on option. Hopefully, we won’t. Otherwise, I’m voting for the goat on a pineapple rocket.

So, what are you waiting for? START YOUR BUILDING- you only have about 12 days!!! And if you need some moral support, here is a “goat-” to inspirational photo.

YOU CAN DO IT!- photo by pexels






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