Today we will be starting a new contest. Your probably thinking automatically “What do I win?” Well today you don’t win anything! Today you’re picking a contest for us. This is how it works, in the comments put in an idea or two of one that we, the KTTB, can do between ourselves! There is no limits except it can’t be inappropriate, violent, bloody, and not kid friendly, and no third party licenses. (Note 1: We will delete any inappropriate ideas from the comment box.) We will put all the ideas in a hat and pick one out randomly. Then when we post our entries as a blog post, you get to vote which one you think is better!

These are the judging standards:

25% creativity

25% orignality

25% overall wow factor

25% clever use of pieces

Comment away! Note 2: I didn’t write that, the minifigures hacked into the account and wrote that!

(Note 3: I’m going to will! …………………………………………………………Hopefully. SAD FACE. TEARS. DRAMA. And a little boys dream is crushed. Mourning.)

(Note 4, from E Mc.: Yeah, yeah… drama king… get ready to rumble!)


One thought on “KTTB VS. KTTB

  1. You could show some more bigger MOC’s I like scenerys [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwmDVdmQCMM], vechicles [cars, planes, boats, helicopters, space stuff, walkers, UFOS, etc.] weapons [swords, flails, guns, bows, crossbows, flamethrowers, railguns, magic staffs, spell books, etc.] and of course the good old houses [modular, city, creator, etc.].

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