Birthdays, Stories, and Stats (Oh My!)

So, it’s a little a month overdue, but….


Few, need to get a glass of water after that one. Now, let’s get on with our story. Get the popcorn!


It’s the beginning of the year 2016 (such a long time ago), and I was at a weekly co-op. I was waiting for my family to pick me up after they got back from another event in Philadelphia, PA, USA. When they got back, he told me that our Mom throughout the idea of a Lego® blog; in short, I was a Lego® Addict (which goes to show I haven’t changed a bit since then.) I bugged her… and bugged her… and bugged her. Still, we didn’t have one.

Fun Fact; At this time, I wanted it to be called Tip of the Brick

9 months later, a contest came up on Rebrick. I needed to enter, but I also needed a YouTube channel. So I asked my Mom if I could make one. She said, “Sure.” So we set to work. I made an email address, then started searching for YouTube names. We came up with Key to the Brick. Well, funny thing is, my Mom thought we were creating a blog. So, in less than a week, I got a Gmail account, YouTube account, and the thing I wanted.

My own blog.

Fun fact; you can find the contest entry here.

Since then, I have quite fallen in love with it. If you’ve stuck around long enough, you’ll see it’s face is continuously changing. As they say; there’s always better.

Wait, they do say that. Right?

Now that we got over the fun pieces of stuff, let’s get to the stats, then a bit more fun!

Followers; 5

Comments; 51

Views; 385

Likes; 69

Best ever views; 131

Most popular post; Cinnamon Chocolate Minifigures; a Recipe

And now… for our favorite posts!

  1. Dimensions Review; Gimli Fun Pack
  2. Techniques in MOCs; Shop and Court House
  3. 1932 Wooden Pull Duck
  4. How To Build Brickheadz
  5. Scribbling with Bricks; A Color Guide
  6. Brick Brothers Comics Presents- Origins; Ice Hero Begins

I hope you have enjoyed our trip down memory lane! Build on!

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