Whatsetinspa Contest

Yesterday, I decided to tinker with some parts we got from our most recent set. My first model was the MechaPig.


Then, to compliment it, I built the AngryMechaBird, with an opening Cock a doodle doo pit.


It was time to pit the mechs in a duel. Then I thought, “What if we pit our readers in a duel?” Then I had it; whatsetinspa. Your goal is to figure out what set inspired this model. Here are the pieces from that set that were used in the creation of the Mechs.

part of pig

To make it fairer, here are three hints;

  • There is one other figure in this set. Be it bird or pig, you must find out.
  • The normal price is $40 US dollars.
  • Yellow makes almost 6% of the parts.

The first one to correctly answer the set wins! To enter, contact us with your answer. In order to make sure the set is correct, put in the name and number. Double check your typing is correct. We will accept grammar/spelling issues unless we cannot understand exactly what set you are referring to.

The prize? Exclusively downloadable instructions to the Mechs! Plus, we will email you a printable Key to the Brick whatsetinspa Winner certificate!

Note; Please do not comment to answer, because we cannot send you an email. We won’t post the comment just so no one takes it.

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