Building Inside the Box; a Guide to MOCing with the Pieces You Have

Recently, one of our readers asked our help in response to the “What do You Want to Learn” post. He says; My biggest problem is the fact that I have a lot of bricks, but when I want to build something, it seems like impossible, as than my collection seems a lot smaller. So please, please teach me how to build something with the bricks you have, without having to run to bricklink and get more bricks. I have that problem too sometimes. So, here is some solutions I came up with.

The Key ingredient; What have we got?

In order to get started, you first need to know what you have. So, here is a list of parts you may have;

  • Small pieces, like studs, bars, clips, and little detailing.
  • Bricks, like 2×4, 1×2, 4×8, etc.
  • Technic beams, push- ins and axles.
  • Joints, such as mixel or ball.
  • Assorted

Also, your piece amount of each category will help tell you how big you will be able to build.

  • 0-100; Small or micro models
  • 100-500; A normal sized model, but nothing big
  • 500-1000; Bigger than small, but not BIG
  • 1000-2000; A big model
  • 2000-10000; A lot! If this is the size of your collection, you may have some other problem.
  • 10000+ Your models will be huge.

So, here are some ways to build with your bricks.

Small pieces= micro.

This is one way that you can use little pieces and still make something awesome. It allows you to make one inch gorillas attack an even smaller city. The best part? The models could look even cooler!

micro skull ship
This Skeli-shuttle makes use of teeth, pars, and claws to give it a spikey feel. Better yet, it is only 32 parts!

Small pieces= small but detailed models

Small pieces can also make some cool models. Yet they can still be small enough to fit in the palm of your hand! With a few bars, hinges, and bricks, you could make a robot. Or combine Technic and small parts to make some epic motorcycles. Small models can look great with small detailing.

Bricks= Statues

All it takes is a few bricks to make a model. These statues look professional, but can be made with just a few pieces.

Technic= amazing mini vehicles

I’ve tried my hand at technic vehicles multiple times. The problem is that I don’t have a lot. So, I just make smaller vehicles. Even though they are tiny, the technic aspect makes them look pretty cool. Man.

Mixel joints= little masterpieces.

You can make mecha and giant humanoids and such with the big joints. But with little mixel joints, you can make smaller marvels. For example, this Enforcer is only 42 pieces!

I Enforcer. I here to enforce.

Assorted= endless!

If you have an assorted amount of pieces, there is no limit to what you can build! Combine any of these tips you need to create you model.

ConclusionI hope this has helped you to feel like you have a good collection to build with. I feel, personally, that smaller collections increase the creativeness of models. But, there is one limitation. You don’t have to follow it, but it is helpful. Build what you love. Build something you hate, and you won’t feel as proud.


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