Disney’s Major Cross Between Nerd Things

If you like Spiderman, Star Wars, and those ABS plastic Lego® bricks, a treat is coming in Spiderman; Homecoming. We will see it ALL!

Of course, I am a fan of it all, so I may make a big deal.

Anyways, we see Peter find his friend in his room after crawling in through the window as Spiderman (the one from YouTube). Turns out, he and Ned were going to finish the Death Star ( which Ned drops in shock; yikes). If you haven’t seen the commercial, you can click here.

Looking around closely throughout the commercial, you’ll see half an AT-AT Walker model (not the set). Upon further inspection, I saw a Lego® X – Wing.

So, have you watched the movie? Do you see anything else we missed? Converse in the comments!


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