Cinnamon Chocolate Minifigures; A Recipe!

If you have been in the Lego® hobby for a while, you probably know it is time killing. One minute, it is 8:00 p.m.. The next, it is 10:30! By then, you are most likely hungry. When I am in a deep build, I think about it even when I am doing something else. So, with Lego® bricks on my mind, it’s time to make chocolate Minifigures! Since this is a Lego® blog, I thought I would share the recipe!

Prep time; 10 min.         Fridge time; 60 min.        Total time; 70 min.

You will need;

-1/2 cup semi sweet chocolate chips

-1/2 TSP. Cinnamon

– Silicone Lego® Minifigures Ice Tray

-2 Sandwich bags

  • 1. Put chocolate chips an cinnamon in microwavable glass dish. Mix


  • 2. Melt chocolate chips for 2 minutes. Stir every 30 seconds.
  • 3. Cut one sandwich bag bottom corner off, about 1/2 an inch in length.


  • 4. Put cut bag into the other sandwich bag.
  • 5. Scoop melted chocolate mixture into the inner bag that is cut.


  • 6. Cut the outer bag on the same side the inner bag is.
  • 7. Squeeze into Silicone Lego ice tray Minifigure hollows. Clean in between the Minifigure hollows. Chill for 60 minutes.


  • Enjoy!


I hope you enjoy these little chocolate Snacks! Tell me how you like them. Suggestions are welcome!


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