Yuppies and Strongmen and Reviews, Oh My!

We haven’t posted a review on a while, and I think it is high time we did. In fact, this is a 2- in- 1 CMF (Collectable Minifigure) review. CMFs are blind baggies with Minifigures inside. The best part? Trying to figure out what’s inside! Not only will we review, we’ll tell you what to feel for in each in case you want that certain one! Let’s dive in and review The Yuppie and Strongman.



The parts in these sets are pretty sweet. In the Yuppie, we get a printed number cheese, and an intercom speaker on a tile. The Strongman holds a new dumbbell mold, which is pretty cool. However, I expected the ends to connect like a ball joint. It doesn’t, which is disappointing as easy as it would have been. Never the less, I still love the piece in all of its glory.

He is successful, yet he walks around with one of the first cellphones.

The Minifigures are beautifully printed. The Yuppie’s coat is an example of highly- detailed awesomeness. His hair is perfect, upping the young, professional look. What I really like, however, is the pink shirt. It is nice to see some colors that have been turned stereotypical on the opposite gender. I like that his coat is similiar to tail coat and continues down the legs, however the one button is strange. His arms are nicely printed to make rolled up sleeves.

I love this moustachioed

The Strongman is printed even better, IMO. The mustache, the animal skins; it all works. The strongman’s animal skins are perfectly decorated. From my research, it looks like cheetah fur, which is actually illegal. I like how the pattern seamlessly continues on his legs, and how the black boots are moulded on.

Hey, he’s an owl!

The printing doesn’t stop there. On the back we have more skins! I appreciate how the belt continues on the back, unlike some Minifigures. I have a slight issue, though. I have a form of color blindness, and sometimes colors seem the same. Hence the flame yellow T- shape in the backs seems to match his legs. Good thing that we discovered that before I wrote the post. 😉 Note; the head is not double sided. I turned it around so you could see what’s underneath the mustache.



Now that you have decided if you like them, it is time to learn how to find them. For the yuppie, feel around for a 1×2 plate with a thin bar coming out the side. Check for a small tile and cheese slope to verify.

For the strongman, feel for two large spheres. Then, check for a bar between them. That is how you will know it is him. You can feel for the mustache to verify, but it could also be mistaken for the Highwayman’s mask.

I hope this review has been helpful. I am always open for feedback (as long as it isn’t super negative), so tell me what you think in the comments below!



One thought on “Yuppies and Strongmen and Reviews, Oh My!

  1. Nice! But I am not so much of a CMF-fan/collector to be honest (I like a few series, for example the lego movie series and series 14)!


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