Catapults from Bricks; Part 1

(Written by E.Mc)

I have been going through the WordPress course, and they gave a word to blog about. The word; Catapult. This word inspired me. So, we will be writing a series on how to make catapults to launch your Minifigs, floors, and walls. Today, we are going to look into the basic Lego® catapult, why to build a catapult, and where catapults are used.

Why catapults?

Lego is based around kids. After all it started off as toy. So why not do some functions that kids would enjoy. One thing that kids enjoy a lot is launching stuff in the air. So, to increase the fun of something, add a catapult. These will create fun for the kids, a value TLG has.

Where to put catapults

Most sets that have catapults are for kids. That’s why you usually find them in Ninjago or Licensed themes like Superheroes. They are for play. That is also why you don’t find them in the UCS. Those are more geared towards collectors

The Basics

There are a few necessities needed to make a catapult ( as seen in the graph below). First, you need a base (the green). Any base bigger than the catapult will do. Then you need two stands with holes (the dark grey). They need to be at least a plate off the ground. Next comes the pivot point (light grey). It must be attached to the stands with frictionless pins, which come in dark grey. Finally, you need a launch beam/ launcher (brown) Without any of these, the catapult will not work properly.


Stay tuned for part two!



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