Techniques in MOCs; Shop and Court House

An idea I have been thinking about is techniques in MOCs. I came up with this idea when browsing the web. William at The Brick Blogger writes posts on tips on using it techniques in official Lego® sets.

So, first off, I present you…


…The Lego® Shop and Courthouse!

Okay, enough of that; let’s look at the tips.

#1; Inverting panels

As you can see by the pictures, I have used panel to create Windows. This helps give a much clearer look inside than just a hazy view.


But there is another thing. If you look closer at my shop, you’ll notice that I put it in another way. I inverted them. This adds depth in my model, giving it an interesting look.

#2; Small Pieces+ Small Buildings= Big Details!

Small pieces in big Lego® MOCs makes small, tiny, details to be enjoyed. Shrink buildings down, and small pieces become big details. If you look at the courthouse, you’ll notice I used several small pieces, including clips. They being small, they turn into decoration, creating a Greek look.


#3; Using wings as ceilings

Our last tip of the day is using wings. I needed a Greek Parthenon look for my courthouse. So, I used some wings to create the feel of a pointed roof.




I hope you have thought these techniques helpful. The great thing about them is you can use them for nearly every model. If you want more tips, stay tuned!

And of course if you see any other tips in this !model you would like to know, comment in, well, the comments. Nothing fancy, sadley ;-).


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