1932 Wooden Pull Duck

(Written by E.Mc)

Recently, I have uploaded a new Ideas project. I have created a 1932 Wooden Pull- Duck, based off the original one created by the Lego Company. Here is the description;

Wodden pull

In the year 1932, the Great Depression came. Ole Kirk Christansen, a carpenter, needed to try something new. So, he started to create toys. One of the bests was his wooden pull- along duck. That was 85 years ago. 

This year marks the 85th anniversary of the wooden toys. I thought, to celebrate that, why not make one of the most iconic pull- toys; The Duck.

My duck recreates the old one, depicted in a brick form. When you pull the string, the wheels move, and the ducks beak opens and closes. I think people would like it because it celebrates Lego®, it makes a great display piece, yet it also is playable. 

Let’s waddle to 10,000!

I hope you like it. You can see and SUPPORT the model here.


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