A Guide on What to Build

This is a guide to figuring out what you want to build. You might think you wont run out of ideas and who would run out of ideas. Eventually you will run out of ideas and wont know what to build. This guide is for those time.


First, you want to figure out a theme your model is based on. For example are you doing futuristic, ninja, space, pirates, or other stuff like that. If you think doing one is to boring, you can mix stuff up. Like space princesses and other creative ideas. Once you have decided what theme you’re doing, we will move to the next step.


Second, you want to figure out what your model is going to be. If you are doing a ninja theme you would do something seems ninja like. If you used a futuristic pirate  theme, you would something like a pirate spaceship or pirate mech. Now we are about to go on the last step, color scheme.

                                         Color Scheme

Finally, you have to have a color scheme. For a princess space ship you would have the color she is or use pink. Old western stuff you would use tan, brown, and other colors like that. Your characters can be the color of your model. If your superhero has a important color, use that as a or the main color. Like batman, he’s black and yellow like his vehicle. With batman his vehicles have to main colors on his vehicles. You can also use two or more main colors. You would use white and black for a zebra vehicle. The last tip is don’t use a ton of random colors.


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