How To Build Brickheadz

(Written by E.Mc)

Brickheadz are one of my favorite things out of Lego® bricks. They are block- like figures based on licensed characters. They are both simple and fun to build. The issue, though, is that the pieces for them are not common. So I’m going to show you how to build them with pieces that are probably, unless you are just starting your collection, in your bucket of pieces right now! If you are making your own character, choose different colors than what I use. This is not instructions on him, it is just the basics of a Brickheadz.

Forward; Headlight bricks

Before we get started, I want to show you what I mean by headlight brick, as it is used several times throughout the building.

An example of a headlight brick

Step One; Legs

The legs are the most simple to build. You start with a 2 x 4 plate…


…and add two 1 x 1 bricks to the bottom as shown.


You can even stack three 1 x 2 plates, as shown in my mouse. He looks familiar for some reason…


Step Two; The body

Fist, you need a 4 x 4 plate. You Are going to fill the top with on layer of bricks.


Then on parallel ends you are going to put two 1 x 4 bricks on. On the edge in between those two bricks you need to put headlight bricks on so that both sides have two studs on the side (omit the one on the front; tit is just there for this character).


Then you put on a layer of flats. A flat 4×4 circle works well for a neck.


Step Three; Arms and Hands

Start with a 2 x 2 tile…


…add a 1 x 2 tile…


…and finish it off with a 1 x 2 plate with a bar on the side.


Do this twice and put them on the headlights on the body as shown;


Step Four; The Head

This is what makes theses characters them. Start out start out stacking two 4 x 4 bases, then, on all sides of the top, add headlight bricks. There should be a hole roughly the size of a two by two in the middle.


Then, add two more 4 x 4 bases. Then finish it with another set of headlight bricks on all sides. You should end up with some thing like this;


Step Five; Customize!

Now you need to put what you made together. The legs go under the body in the middle, like so.


The head then goes on top.


Now cover the head with 4 x 4 plates or 2 x 4 plates the way you want, just make sure the colors look right.


Now add eyes on the second to bottom row and add flats to were the face is.

UPDATE: I realized we forgot our ears! Here’s a link to a website were you can find out where to put it:


All that is left is to add details!

The Hatter

I hope this has been helpful for you to make your own Brickheadz. Once you get really good, you can customize them however you want. Here are some more that we have made.

Charlie Brown

Build On!


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