Dimensions Review; Gimli Fun Pack

(Written by E.Mc)

Recently, I have been given Gimli Fun Pack from Dimensions. Dimensions is a video game where there are no rules. You can put Zane in a telephone box or a witch on a spider. An evil overlord brings all the dimensions together, and you travel through worlds fighting villains. We don’t have the game ourselves, but we play it when we go over to a friend of ours. So, let’s get to the review.


When you get the set, the front of the box looks like this;


As you can see, the box shows the character (Gimili) and his vehicle (Axe Chariot).


On the back of the box shows the three models the Axe Chariot can upgrade to. When you upgrade it, you get the Axe Hurler. Upgrade that and you get the Soaring Chariot.

Now to the contents.


As the name suggests, the Minifigure in this set is Gimili. He is the same as set     The Council of Elrond. Here is the front view with his helmet and beard…


…without them…


… and back without.


In- game information; X= swing axe, hold B= axe spin

Now, onto the model.

Model #1; Axe chariot.

The simplest of models, the axe chariot has the look of a castle on wheels. On the back is a little ladder. The torches also give it a nice fortress feel.


In- game information; Y= get in/ out, joystick= move

Model#2; Axe hurler

My favorite one of these, the axe hurler looks like something that would hurl axes. This one, though, doesn’t seem as much as a fortress. I do like the little flames in the back and the giant double-axe.


I don’t know any in-game information on this one as I haven’t been able to upgrade it.

Model #3; Soaring Axe Chariot

This one looks like a bird with axes.This one is my least favorite. It has an odd look. It has two torch thrusters, two wings, and two axes.


Once again, I don’t have any in-game information on this one.

Overall Opinion

This set is good for many people. Collectors, gamers, and kids would love this. It is also a good way to get minifigures pretty cheap. You can get this set usually for $12 online. You can also get it for $5 at Five Below. Note; You need to get the instructions to build them in the game. They are not in the manual. However, they are also on brickinstructions.com. I hope you have enjoyed. Build on!


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