Scribbling with Bricks; A Color Guide

(Written by E.Mc)

One of the reasons of this site is to help you become better builder. So, I shall give you the most important key to building; color. I’m not saying using multi-color. I mean synchronized color.

You may be thinking that you don’t need to make models in certain colors,or that is just too hard. It may sound difficult, but it really isn’t. I had persuaded a friend to try it, and he then discovered he liked it and said he would never go back to rainbow-colored models. I insist on people to try it. So, now I am going to tell you.


When you draw in a coloring book, yo do either two thing; You draw in the lines, or you scribble. It is the same with building. You can build in certain colors. Or you can build in random colors and bricks. This is what I call scribbling.

                   LEARNING TO NOT SCRIBBLE

Now, you may think it is hard to build in one single color. Well, it is. But that is not what I am trying to teach you. It’s not to go crazy with color.

Step 1; Look at your options. What colors do you have? I f you have lots of yellow, build something yellow. If you have a lot of blue, build something blue.

Step 2;Decide what color you are going to use. If you decide to build a robot,decide what color you want to use. Do this before you build.

Step 3; Gather all the colors you are going to need. It’s better to have them than find them while you are building.

                               EXTRA TIPS

There are some tips that will help you. If you are using a character, use whatever colors the character is for his vehicles. If your character is red, build him a red vehicle. One thing, though, is if it is in a city. Unless it a police officer or fireman, don’t use colors that match him. If he has a blue shirt you can still build him a red car. Also, if you are building a plane or construction vehicle, use color that make sense. A misconception is that you can use only one or two colors. You could use three or four colors, just use them in sensible ways Make sure they work well as one.. It is also okay if you can see a little grey or black. Many official sets have some grey showing.

Hopefully this helps you with your building. Remember this,and it will help you become a better builder.


4 thoughts on “Scribbling with Bricks; A Color Guide

  1. I actually like that your blog is a breath of fresh air!!!! It’s an anomaly in a sea of …….. and I really like that. You make me want to go get a pack of legos…. I just may actually!!!!


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